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The Court of Protection

If a loved one or family member becomes mentally incapable of managing their own affairs, whether it is because of an accident or through an old age related disease such as Dementia or Alzheimer's, it may become necessary for someone to take over managing their affairs and finances.

One method of doing this is to apply to the Public Guardianship Office to be appointed as their deputy. This means that someone becomes legally entitled to manage that person's finance and property matters.

Different solutions do exist and one of our solicitors can help you to determine whether the Court of Protection or a Lasting Power of Attorney is the most suitable route.

Deciding which legal remedy to use when you are faced with a situation where contact ussomeone needs help is not easy and specialist legal advice should always be sought.

It is common with diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia that the person involved will have fluctuating mental capacity, good days and bad.

In these cases we may seek medical advice to help determine the best solution.

Whatever the situation you are faced with, our solicitors will help you in a professional and sympathetic manner. Please contact us for advice.